Images: James Caswell© 

Wackie Ju
Summer Fade 001 

Atmosphere Scenting

From dawn to dusk a rare vintage Chypre lingers both waxy and piercing.

Perspiring bodies intertwine in a sensual dance of desire and lust.   

Decaying leaves blanket the wet summer soil, the scent of damp earth lingers.

Ripe and lactonic night blooming flowers descend and decay from the wet summer heat turning petals into an intoxicating aroma.

A special medium that exists in an invisible field. The fragrance becomes an invisible paint every fragrance accord becoming shadow and texture.

Provoking feelings and memories to correspond with Wackie Ju’s rebellious vision.


Ylang Ylang / Champaca /Jasmine /

Magnolia/ Tuberose /Aldehydes/ Bergamot/

Coconut/ Lactones/ Iris/ Amber

Patchouli/ Labdanum/ Moss/ Cumin/ Frankincense/ Leather/ Geosmin /Soil