Puzzles Art Garage 2023
Solo Show ‘Linger’
Curater ; Luna Wenxin Xu
Installation Shots ; Dean Li

The exhibition space becomes a multi- sensory environment, a new realm in which to explore and perhaps reflect on and process ones trauma/ psychology.

Growing up as a queer child in a hyper masculine, sometimes harsh and brutal world provides a backdrop for the inner turmoil faced in which he now uses to inspire his practice.

Using Olfaction, Photography , Video and Sculpture, Jesse intertwines the mediums and creates a bridge between the past and the present.

Linger is an experimental work that showcases both natural and synthetic aroma chemical compounds in their rarest form.

Core memories are often tied strongly via the memory of scent. Scent has the power to transport oneself to a particular place and time.
With this mind, the scents created here play on various themes; time tension, danger, polarisation, fear and fragility.

The interaction of these formulated accords correspond with the emotions that arise during the creation of the visual work.
Jesse Wakenshaw’s focal starting point ‘Linger’ was to experiment deeply with the ideas of ‘seeing a smell’.

Intentionally sourced and repurposed materials that were pre- loved ; various items the artist serendipitously came across, in order to highlight how scent connects to memories and how emotions can be attached to particular objects.

Jesse adapts a playful approach in order to make his inner Child’s dreams and desires feel seen.

An ode to flamboyancy and vulnerability that once was repressed and hidden.

1. Do not touch

Glass Perfume bottle, Spray Paint, Super glue , Galvanised steel bracket Scent
Fougere type Extrait de parfum

Green/ Dense/ Brut like
Dimensions Variable
Dreams seem out of reach, glued shut on a shelf waiting till I can reach. ]

2. Cut


Inkjet Lustre paper 210gsm
15 x 10cm
Constant repetition , just one more time. 

3. Cry Baby
Polymer clay, gold leaf, found glass
Bad breath/medicinal/Animalic
Choya Loban, Civet* (Synthetic origin), Saffron tincture, clove, peppermint Fear, Dred.

4. Magical Thinking

Found car mirror, human hair wefts, glow mesh, steel, enamel paint, sand,
White Chocolate/Cola/Cigarettes/Musk/Mature/ Youth
Isobutavan, Ambrettolide , Tonka Bean, Cade, Iso e Super, Labdanum, Cola accord, Jasmine Rice Tincture
Dimensions Variable
Tightness fills the head . Are these thoughts, emotions real? Will they manifest and influence the world around me? NFS

5. Shock Absorber

Plywood, Automotive Shock absorber, Automotive Cigarette Lighter Scent
Sweet/ Synthetic/ Rhubarb/ Metallic
Stryallyl Acetate, Ethyl Maltole, Iso e super, Benzoin, Vanillin Dimensions Variable
Constantly seeking reassurance.

6. Acne Rain

Lumin print
Inkjet on transparency paper
Series of 3
29.7 x 42.0 cm
Repetitive counting 1,2,3 that feels just right, does it? 

7. Balance

Plywood Plinth, Steel support, Volcanic rock, Galvanised Steel Bolt Scent
Geosmin, Cetalox, Cashmeron
Dimensions Variable
Balance and tension .

8. Ocd you traumatise me

Inkjet print/ Broken Mirror Matte paper 210gsm series of 6
10.5 x 14.8 cm
Unhealthy perfectionism. 
9. Princess Highway

Galvanised steel bracket, electric fan, satin Pointe shoe ribbon, Crocodile clip
Cut grass/Indolic/heady
Jasmine Sambac/ Night blooming Jasmine/Cis 3 Hexanol/ Veramoss/ Iso E super/ Cypress/ Green incense accord Dimensions variable
Through turbulence we travel to a known place of happiness.

10. Reserved Well

Concrete, landscapers Sand, Road base, Iron Oxide
Maple syrup , Pancake batter, Sugar, Burnt Leather
Fenugreek, Fenugreek Tincture, Iso Butyl Quinoline, Cade, Birch Tar, Choya Loban Dimensions Variable
Stored trauma hides in a rigid stubborn place, ready to haunt and disable. 

11. Jerry Can

Inkjet print
Transparency paper on Plywood 29.7 x 42cm

12. Untitled,

Cement, Speaker , spray paint, fishing line, clips, doll hair, PVA glue, sand Scent
Nori Tincture, Kombu tincture, Ambroxan, Cetalox, Calone, Vetiver, Cedramber Dimensions Variable

13. Vent

Landscapers Sand, Polymer Clay, Gold Leaf / Iron oxide
Burnt seashell/ Engine/ Cooper/ Powder/ Dry
Choya Nahk , Cardamon, Cumin, Labdanum, Patchouli, Oakmoss, Cade, Vanillin , Orris root, Frankinsnce Co2
Dimensions Variable

14. Cobweb

Archival Matte paper 210gsm
Broken Blindspot Mirror
14.8 x 21cm
Blindspot mirror shines on the unknown. 

15. Untiltled

Single channel video , Duration : 1min 32 sec
Mesh Armour/Garments courtesy of @TobiaSangkuhl
Filmed on Dharawal and Gadigal land.
We pay our respects and acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land

16. Dessert is stressed spelled backwards 2023
Agar Agar Jelly ,Seaweed

Sulphur/Brine/Driftwood/Sea Grass

Seaweed Tincture, Brine/Salt accord, Vetiver, Black Salt, Dimensions Variable

17. On the nose

Found Brick
Scent Sweat/Soapy/Fatty Aldehydes/Cumin Tincture Dimensions Variable Polarising.